Steven Berkoff; Terry Aubrey; everyone at the Everyman Theatre, especially Francesca Goddard and Jackie McKenzie in the Press Office, Paul Milton, John Whitehead, Roger Hendry and of course Geoffrey Rowe; Josephine Tewson; William Gaunt; David Gilmore; Stephen Boswell; Robert Whelan; Ian Mullins; Tim Foster; Malcolm Farquhar; Donald Crosby; Martin Houghton; Nettie Edwards; Sheila Mander; Roger Nicholls; Philip Bernays; Camilla Bassett-Smith; Sally Self,  Joyce Cummings and Roger Beacham of The Cheltenham Local History Society; Sue Rowbotham and Jill Waller; Rachel Roberts at the Ladies’ College; The Director of GCHQ; Kath Boothman; Ann-Rachael Harwood, Helen Brown and Anna Stanway at the Cheltenham Museum and Art Gallery; Matthew Lloyd of the Arthur Lloyd website; Kate Dunn for permission to use extracts from Exit Through the Fireplace; Jill Barlow, archivist at Cheltenham College; Stephen Blake; Hilary Jennings; Rodney Stoneman; Edward Bottle; Tony Jones; Jeremy Mills, Hazel Goodes, Sarah Whitham, the editorial team and everyone at Jeremy Mills Publishing Ltd. And, of course, everyone else who talked to me, supplied material, information or stories for this history. Whilst every effort was made to attribute pictures used in this book there were, of course, pictures whose origins have been lost in the mists of time. We acknowledge their use and apologise for being unable to credit them.

With sincere apologies to Camilla Bassett-Smith who kindly supplied the photo on page 116. The credit was omitted in error. It should have read Courtesy Ian and Ann Bassett-Smith